Reservoir Simulation

The purpose of our reservoir simulation efforts is to develop models for complex processes which honor the geologic representation of the system. Advanced Reactive Transport Models (ARTS) is a general framework that allows us to modularize the discretization and physical-model attributes. This allows for more flexible simulator development in an academic setting. Using this framework, we have developed discrete-fracture, finite-element models for multiphase reservoir simulation. These models are alternative to dual porosity, dual permeability models for describing multiphase flow in fractured media. The simulators use modern linear solvers, have XML input files and are modular and parallel. We have also developed a thermal and a pair of compositional simulators (K-value and equation of state based) for systems of complex geometry. As we continue to add more physical phenomena into the simulators, we will work on gridding methods, adaptive mesh refinement (which is more challenging in the world of unstructured grids), more efficient solution methods, scalable parallel implementations, etc.

High-performance computing for complex reservoir systems.

Figure showing the high-performance computing for the solution of different reservoir processes in geologically complex, fractured-faulted reservoirs. Framework allows coupling different physical mechanisms with appropriate discretization methods.