Flow Assurance

Issues of how fluid compositions (fluids containing complex molecules such as waxes, asphaltenes and hydrates) are linked to properties, and how these properties impact operations of pipelines and related facilities will continue to be of interest as oils and oil mixtures from a variety of reservoirs (ranging from condensates to heavy oils) are brought to the surface, and pipelined under difficult conditions (Flow Assurance). This is the subject of our Wax-Hydrate Project sponsored by RPSEA. Our work on Chemometrics demonstrated that a variety of oil properties can be predicted using a single Near Infra-Red spectrum. We have an ongoing project related to precipitation of waxes and gelling of crude oils, the rheology of the gels and restart options. Our work on wax appearance and amounts showed that better crude oil characterization (below) led to more accurate thermodynamic models and predictions. Wax precipitation issues are often related in the larger scheme of things to the thermodynamics of heavy molecules. I will continue to work on developing holistic approaches to problems linked to the integrated understanding of compositions, properties, rheology and fluid dynamics of complex molecules and their mixtures.

The PIC System with Some Data